Work Package Information

WP 1 :
Standardisation of bone marrow cell collection method
WP 2 :
Standardise bone marrow preparation procedure and optimising cell reparative potential
WP 3 :
Standardise method of bone marrow cell delivery post AMI
WP 4 :
Clinical trial design and analysis
WP 5 :
Regulatory and ethical affairs management
WP 6 :
Clinical trial and recruitment
WP 7 :
Towards Harmonised Ethical Standards
WP 8 :
Dissemination to the scientific and clinical community
WP 9 :
Administration and management of the project




The BAMI project has been partially funded by

European Commission Seventh Framework Programme (FP7)



Prof Anthony Mathur

Professor of Cardiology & Lead for
Clinical Cardiology

William Harvey Research Institute
Barts & The London School of
Medicine and Dentistry

John Vane Science Centre
Charterhouse Square
London, EC1M 6BQ
United Kingdom

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